Making Your First Impression…

First impression is most important, whether you walk into a restaurant for your first date, or enter an office for an interview.  Your date or boss to be is either going to accept you or not, depends a lot on your groomed attire. More than you CV, it is what catches the eye of the other person.

  1. Your appearance has to be neat and clean, manicured nails and a good shaved face, polished shoes. A well pressed suit in navy or mid grey with a plain white shirt & bold tie.  A custom made wool suit will do justice for you, instead of a rack polyester one.
  2. For a part time computer or other job, smart casual always works.  Again a well pressed checked or striped shirt with solid colour pants, a good leather belt, will do the trick.
  3. Winter is a good time to look your best.  One can wear a dark striped suit with matching vest, light coloured shirt with contrast tie & pocket kerchief.  If the temperatures drop below 10 degrees, a black or charcoal cashmere topcoat completes your perfect look.
  4. In your wardrobe one should have a couple of white shirts in French Cuffs, and some light coloured cotton shirts with convertible cuffs, a cufflink can be used when needed.  Maybe even some striped or checked ones made with white collar white cuffs, they never date.

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