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Sometimes mens suits are just not appropriate for your event or gathering. You may need something a little more special. Advani Tailors also provides mens tuxedos for the real special events of your life. Gentlemen know the best time to find a mens tuxedo is not the week before the event. When you own your own custom fitted tux, you can look forward to special occasions without concern about how you will look, or whether the shop gets the measurements right. Plan ahead and you will look better and feel more confident. That's why a custom tailored mens tuxedo is one of the best investments a gentleman can own.

Advani Tailors tuxedos are fully custom and individually hand-cut to fit you perfectly. Each one is cut on individual paper patterns, based on 25 of your exact measurements. As a final assurance of quality, each garment is carefully checked by our master tailors prior to approval for delivery.

For ordering convenience, we keep your personal patterns on hand for easy reference. Assuming your size remains the same, a new custom garment is as easy as a telephone call or email. Hand tailoring is complete and comprehensive. Interlinings and other portions of the suit are of the best materials we can find. The result is an investment you can wear with pride and cherish for many years.

Please don't hesitate to ask our advice about mens tuxedos or mens suits, to achieve your personal objectives. We will do our best to make sure every element of your custom tailored wardrobe is your personal pride and joy.